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Barry is a Senior Estate Manager as well as an Insolvency Consultant in the Surrey Office of Grant Thornton Limited. He consults with debtors over the phone and in person to help them navigate through their personal proposal and bankruptcy options and manages their files throughout the entire process.

I enjoy being in direct contact with individuals and families who are burdened by debt. Because they are often stressed and upset about their situation, my job is to make them feel at ease and inform them about their options in a relaxed, non-judgmental way. I feel rewarded when debtors regain their financial freedom and often experience improvements in other areas of their life as a result.

Barry was born and raised in the Vancouver area. He is married, has four children and a German Shepherd. Like most Vancouverites, he enjoys the natural surroundings and the city’s cultural diversity. He currently lives in Richmond and spends his spare time with his family at the various parks and trails in the area. Their favourite dog walking spot is McDonald Beach.

Contact Barry Crowe

Phone: 604-909-4116
Office: Surrey