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Don't let the weight of your debts crush you into despair. You can take control of your financial destiny with financial guidance from your dependable Vancouver bankruptcy trustees and consumer proposal administrators.

Vancouver Bankruptcy Trustees - Experience You Can Count On

At Abakhan & Associates, we handle many personal and corporate proposal and bankruptcy cases, so we have the experience and knowledge to manage your situation confidently and competently. We can help you find alternative solutions to bankruptcy so you can discharge your debts and free yourself from your creditors without complicating the future. Hire one of our Vancouver bankruptcy trustees or consumer proposal administrators for your financial needs today.

What Are Your Options?

Manageable Payments

We will help you work out an affordable payment plan so that you can negotiate with your creditors to get the best possible payment terms, with no additional interest. We work with you every step of the way in getting you back on your financial feet, so you always know where you stand.

Call us or schedule an appointment today at our Vancouver location to give yourself a fresh start.

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