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Sometimes plans just go wrong. You may think you are properly prepared for any setback, but when a disaster strikes you find yourself unable to pay your bills. If you've hit financial trouble, we can help you get your finances back in order. Abakhan & Associates can provide you with a consumer proposal administrator or bankruptcy trustee Prince George has come to trust for financial advice and debt management.

Choose the Financial Solution that’s Right for You

At Abakhan & Associates, our consumer proposal administrators and bankruptcy trustees have the training and experience to offer a variety of solutions for business and individuals in tough financial situations. Solutions for your insolvency troubles, whether a proposal or bankruptcy, is our business. Prince George residents can take advantage of the alternative financial strategies we offer to get debt under control.

What Are Your Options?

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We offer hands-on service, so you're involved every step of the way to your fresh financial start. Get quick results to your money troubles by calling us today and setting up a consultation with one of our debt professionals.

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