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Before you file for bankruptcy in New Westminster, visit Abakhan & Associates Inc. We can make this uncertain time a little less confusing for you as an individual or a company by ensuring that you make the choices that are best for your situation. Whether the best answer is debt consolidation in New Westminster, credit counseling in New Westminster or a consumer proposal, New Westminster clients appreciate having the benefit of our many years in bankruptcy advice.

Our representatives will take the time to guide you through the possibilities and discuss the possible consequences of each. In this way, many of our clients have found their way back to financial security

Call for Help with Debt Consolidation in New Westminster

It’s easy to get help with debt consolidation in New Westminster – simply get in touch with us at your local Abakhan & Associates office to schedule a free initial consultation. We’ll help you make the best decisions relative to your financial situation, lightening the load of your debt considerably.

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