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Types Of Debt

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Running a business takes a lot of time, hard work and financial help. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed with the endless strain on your business' financial status. If you've used business loans in the past and are struggling to pay them off, you can change things.

Grant Thornton Limited provides valuable financial advice and business restructuring. Contact any of our Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CIRP) in Vancouver and throughout BC for help assessing and developing a plan of action.

Signs Your Business Needs Help

It's not always easy to identify whether or not you need professional financial help. Here are some basic things to look for:

  • Decline in inventory turnover
  • Rapid rise in debt-to-equity ratio
  • Bounced cheques and loan refusal
  • Late tax remittances
  • Inaccurate accounting records
  • Failing to satisfy financial information requests
  • Warning letters from upset creditors

If you're experiencing any of the above, it's time to get the help you need. By consulting a qualified CIRP at Grant Thornton Limited, you can get back on track to a bright financial future.

Affordable Solutions We Provide

After we review your finances from different perspectives, we'll develop a comprehensive action plan. It may not be easy, but with our help, you can overcome business debt in Vancouver and anywhere in BC. In most cases, we suggest the following basic steps:

  • Debt restructuring and refinancing
  • Communication with lenders and tax authorities
  • Disposal of subsidiaries and divisions
  • Investigations for commercial fraud and asset tracing
  • Formal business insolvency and restructuring

Contacting a CIRP in BC

At Grant Thornton Limited, we are regulated by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and qualified to find viable solutions to your debt. We use strategic planning to help you with cash flow management and forecasting. With our help, you can once again regain control of your financial future. Contact a CIRP in VancouverVernonPrince GeorgeVictoria or Surrey for more information regarding business loans.