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Getting out of debt takes a three-pronged effort: accurate assessment of the extent of your debt, a manageable plan to pay it back and credit counselling to help ensure that you stay out of debt. Vancouver area businesses and individuals can rely on the experienced debt professionals who staff Grant Thornton Limited’s downtown Vancouver office to help get free of the burden of debt. We also have offices in Surrey, Victoria, Prince George and Vernon to help you restore your credit and your peace of mind.

Step 1: Assess Your Debt
Discussing your debts will never be a stress-free conversation – but you shouldn’t let that stop you from taking prompt action when you know that your debts are mounting. At all our offices, we take a non-judgmental, positive and methodical approach to assessing your options and creating a viable plan for repayment of your debt. Use the form below to help us assess your liabilities and assets and bring it with you to discuss your debt in the Vancouver office or at any of our BC offices.

The form covers the types of debt you may have, including mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. You can also list your assets to give our professionals a better understanding of your financial situation. Our professionals will review your information and contact you promptly to discuss your options. Your first consultation is free, with no obligation.

Please note that your information is confidential, and Grant Thornton Limited does not use it for any other purpose but to evaluate your debt. If you prefer an in-person consultation, please let us know.

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Reduce Debt: Vancouver Debt Counsellors Can Help

Wouldn’t it be a relief to shake the debt load off your back? Take steps now to get out of debt for good. Grant Thornton Limited offers the experienced debt counselling you need in order to get out of debt in Vancouver and throughout BC. Call us today.