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Objectives of a full organizational overview encompass an extensive review of operations, overhead and direct expenses.

Our team members work closely with financial and sales departments to identify areas of possible cost reduction, duplication of administrative effort and product line profitability.

The review is intended to address significant business issues. It is not intended to be limited by function or restricted to any particular part of the business.

Phase I

The project team makes recommendations and suggestions as necessary to measure product line profitability and develop strategies to ensure lines are profitable or the elimination of unprofitable lines. The project team identifies cost reductions and systems and management improvements that will contribute to a positive bottom line.

  • We examine existing improvement / cost reduction programs or reports for applicability to the project.
  • We examine the existing budgetary process and effectiveness and importance of same.
  • We review the management and personnel structure, the responsibilities of all profit / cost centres and the personnel therein and make recommendations.
  • We identify both medium- and long-term operational inefficiencies and improvements and prioritize by immediacy and payback.
  • We identify secondary areas of possible improvements.
  • We review the capital budget expenditure system and the cost benefit analysis and approvals pertaining to same.
  • As findings emerge and recommendations are agreed to be implemented, we review progress with the Directors.
  • We review current cost / profit centres and possible other cost / profit centres and determine appropriateness of same.

Phase II

Our team members assist in implementation of recommendations and monitor the implementation.