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Grant Thornton Limited specializes in due diligence reviews for an acquisition of a business or in support of debt refinancing and restructuring. The circumstances in which acquisitions are made or the methods to do a review in support of debt refinancing and restructuring vary considerably and depend upon the availability and diversity of information available.

We Work with You

The client determines the scope of the inquiry, as well as the nature and extent of the procedures to be performed. Our professionals consult with the client in determining the information to be obtained, the procedures to be performed in each engagement and the content and timing of reports. The client is also made aware of limitations in the scope of the work and the areas that will not be covered in the review.

Consult Industry Experts

The client may participate in the inquiry. Industry and functional experts such as lawyers, engineers, appraisers and actuaries may be brought in to participate in certain work. Work relating to income and other taxes are performed by tax specialists.

Who Will Participate?

The client's officials and management will be subject to inquiries and explanations during the inquiry. The client's management team who have direct responsibility for the operating, financial, accounting and other areas of the business – as well as the client's other professional advisers – will be required to participate in the inquiry.

Engagement Letter

Grant Thornton Limited' due diligence review engagement letter provides a written record of the agreement with the client. The engagement letter covers the services to be provided, as well as the services not to be provided, and any limitations of the procedures to be performed.

Let Us Clarify

If you have questions about the due diligence review process, please contact us at Grant Thornton Limited.